ALL MEETINGS ORDERED BY CITY  By District:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] 

CityLocationAddressDistrict Sunday MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AltoonaAltoona A.A. Group --- Cross Creek Building1975 8th Street SW, Room #47  8:00PM(O)(NON SMOKING/HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE)     
AltoonaFriday 164 Group --- Room #4. 19758th Street S W7      6:30PM 
AltoonaProgress Not Perfection Group --- Lutheran Church of the Cross1701 8th Street SW7   7:00PM    
AltoonaPromises Group --- Lutheran Church of The Cross --- Cross Creek Bldg Rm 41701 8th St SW7     5:30PM  
AltoonaWalking The Steps Group --- Cross Creek Bldg1975 8th St SW, Room #47       9:00AM(O)(12x12 DISC - NON SMOKING-HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE)
AltoonaWings To Fly Group --- Golden Age Social Center (back Door)119 2nd St S E7    8:00PM   
AnkenyAnkeny Early Birds Group --- St. Annes Episcopal Church2110 W 1st St7  6:30AM  6:30AM  6:30AM 
AnkenyAnkeny Noon Group --- St Annes Episcopal Church2110 W 1st Street7      12:00PM 
AnkenyAnkeny Original Group --- Ankeny Methodist Church --- Basement206 S Walnut St7    8:00PM  6:00PM 6:30PM
AnkenyAnkeny Serenity Group --- Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Church --- North Side, West Door, Room 09510 E First7  8:00PM     
AnkenyAnkeny Study Group --- Christian Life Center710 NE 36th St7    6:00PM   
AnkenySidewalk To Serenity Group --- Neveln Resource C&J406 SW School Street7   7:30PM   12:00PM 
AnkenySunday AA Basics Group --- Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Catholic Ch510 E 1st Street, Room 67 5:00PM      
CarlisleCarlisle Thursday Group --- Carlisle United Methodist Church405 School St7     7:00PM  
CliveThe Breakfast Club Group --- Gathering House1309 N W 104th St7    6:30AM   
CliveWest End Big Book Study Group --- Gathering House1309 N W 104th St7      12:00PM 
CliveWest Side Step Study Group --- Gathering House1309 NW 104th Street7     5:30PM  
ColfaxSurvivors Group --- Howard St. Christian Church101 Locust7 7:30PM      
CorydonSolutions Group --- Home408 W Jackson Street7    7:00PM  7:00PM 
Des MoinesA New Pair Of Glasses Group --- Zion Lutheran Church4300 Beaver Ave7   6:30PM    
Des MoinesBack To The Basics Group --- Holy Trinity Catholic Church2926 Beaver7 5:30PM      
Des MoinesBeaverdale A.A. Group --- St. Andrews Episcopal Church5720 Urbandale7   7:00PM    
Des MoinesBroad Highway Group --- Thoreau Center3500 Kingman Blvd7       9:00AM
Des MoinesCover II Cover Group --- Meredith Drive Reform Church5128 Meredith Drive7     6:00PM  
Des MoinesDes Moines Foxhall Group --- First United Methodist Church1001 Pleasant Street7     8:00PM(O)  
Des MoinesDrake Group --- Drake Campus Ministries Building28th & University7       9:00AM
Des MoinesDrake Ministries Group --- Drake Campus Ministries Building --- Wesley Building28th & University7 9:00AM      
Des MoinesDrake Wednesday 5:30 PM A.A. Group --- Drake Campus Ministries Building28th & University7    5:30PM   
Des MoinesEarly Risers Group --- Windsor United Methoidst Church6222 University Ave7  6:30AM     
Des MoinesEast Side Study Group --- St Marks Episcopal Church3210 E 24th St7  7:00PM     
Des MoinesFifth Ave Fellowship Group --- Insurance Exchange Bldg505 5th Avenue Suite 4487      12:00PM 
Des MoinesFleur At Grand Group --- F&G --- Lower Level #6315 E 5th Street, Box 1297 7:30AM 9:30AM 3:00PM 7:00PM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 7:30PM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 8:00PM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 4:30PM 8:00PM 12:00AM 7:30AM 9:30AM 12:00PM 7:30AM 12:00PM 7:30PM 11:00AM 1:00PM 3:00PM 8:00PM
Des MoinesFoundation Stone Group --- United Fleet Inc.1710 2nd Avenue7 11:00AM      
Des MoinesFreedom Group --- Fort Des Moines Methodist Church6205 S W 9th Street7      8:00PM 
Des MoinesFriday Night Forgiveness & Meditation Group --- Unity Church414 31st7      6:00PM 
Des MoinesFriday Night Freedom Train Grp --- Mercy Franklin Center1750 48th St & Franklin7      7:00PM 
Des MoinesFriday Night Meeting Group --- Lutheran Hospital 4th Floor Room 41700 East University7      8:00PM 
Des MoinesG.L.B.T. Group --- Plymouth UCC42nd Ingersoll Ave7  6:00PM  6:00PM 6:00PM  5:30PM
Des MoinesGLBT and Friends Group --- Campus Ministries28th & University7  7:00PM 6:00PM  6:00PM 6:30PM 5:30PM
Des MoinesHarrison Dinner Group --- Hyvee Cafe1990 Grand Avenue, Grand & Railroad7     7:00PM  
Des MoinesHigh And Dry Group --- St. John's Lutheran Church600 6th Ave7   12:00PM    
Des MoinesHonesty Hour Group --- Iowa School Of Beauty3305 70th Street7 9:30AM      
Des MoinesJaywalker Group --- St Andrews Episcopal Church5720 Urbandale Ave7     6:30PM  
Des MoinesKeep It Simple Sunday Group --- Thoreau Center3500 Kingman Avenue7 9:00AM      
Des MoinesMaintenance Group --- Broadlawns Hospital1801 Hickman Rd7       7:30PM
Des MoinesMeeting Makers Make It Group --- Lutheran Church of Hope DesMoines1821 Ingersol Ave7  5:00PM     
Des MoinesMid-Week Meditation Group --- Mercy Franklin Gym48th & Franklin7    6:00PM   
Des MoinesMonday Night Step Meeting Group --- 1st Fl Iowa Powell CDC Iowa Lutheran Hos700 University7  7:30PM     
Des MoinesNew Hope Group --- New Hope Methodist Church4525 Nw Beaver Drive7   12:00PM    
Des MoinesNew Start Group --- Salvation Army133 East 2nd Street7   6:30PM    
Des MoinesR R R R Group --- Central Presbyterian3839 Grand7  8:00PM     
Des MoinesRiver Bend Neighbor Recovery Group --- Residential Home --- DO NOT LIST IN DIRECTORIES713 Indiana Avenue7      4:00PM 
Des MoinesRoad To Recovery Group --- Iowa Muffler and Brake1308 2nd Avenue7     6:30PM  
Des MoinesSat Nite Southside Stp Stdy Gp --- Park Ave Christian Church3301 Sw 9th Street, Fellowship Hall7       8:00PM(Step Study)
Des MoinesSaturday Morning Men's Basic Group --- Windsor United Methodist 6222 University Ave7       9:30AM
Des MoinesSmoke Free Meeting Group --- Quality Inn Suites939 3rd Street Room 2037 9:00AM      
Des Moines Sometimes Slowly Group --- Harbor Of Hope 803 Lyon Street7 6:00PM      
Des MoinesSouthridge Big Book Study Grp --- Christ Lutheran ChurchSE 5th & Army Post Rd7  8:00PM     
Des MoinesT.N.T. Group --- Fort Des Moines Presbyterian ChurchSouth Union St & Payton Ave7   7:30PM    
Des MoinesThe Deal Group --- Archie Brooks Community Center2100 S E 5th St7    7:30PM   
Des MoinesThree Legacies Group --- Grace Lutheran Church3010 52nd Street7  6:00PM 8:00PM     
Des MoinesThursday Southside Step Group --- Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd3820 SW 9th St7     8:00PM  
Des MoinesThursday Step Study Group --- Central Presbyterian Church3829 Grand Avenue7     12:00PM  
Des MoinesTues Eastside Steps & Trad Grp --- Polk County Senior Center1231 E 26th St7   7:30PM(C)    
Des MoinesVets Step Study Group --- Vets Hospital Ward 3A3630 30th Bldg #5 Domicilary7   7:00PM  7:00PM  
Des MoinesWakonda Candlelight Group --- Wakonda Christian Church3938 Flerr Dr, Flerr Drive and Watrouse7  10:30PM 10:30PM 10:30PM 10:30PM 10:30PM 
Des MoinesWe Agnostics Group --- Campus Ministries Center28th and University Ave7   12:30PM    
Des MoinesWednesday Night Step Study Grp --- St. Lukes Episcopal Church3424 Forest7    8:00PM   
Des Moines Wednesday Noon Big Book Study Group --- Insurance Exchange Building --- Room 4485th & Grand7    12:00PM   
Des MoinesWest End Group --- Plymouth Place4111 Ingersoll7  7:30PM(C)     
Des MoinesWhite House Group --- White House1400 Pennsylvana Avenue7 9:30AM 7:00PM 8:15PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 6:00PM 8:00PM 12:40PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 6:30PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 10:00AM 12:00PM 10:30PM
Des MoinesYoung & Keepin It Real Group --- Mercy Franklin Center1818 48th St7      7:00PM 
GrangerInto Action Group --- The Church Of The Assumption1904 Sycamore Street7 8:00PM      
GrimesJames Gang Group --- St Peter Lutheran Church1001 South James Street7      6:30AM 
IndianolaIndianola Group --- 1st United Methodist Chuch S Middle Door307 West Ashland7 7:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM  12:00PM 7:00PM 
JohnstonJohnston Fri Night Open N/S Gp --- St. Paul Presbyterian Church6426 Merle Hay Rd7      8:00PM 
JohnstonJohnston Saturday 10:00 AM Group --- Mercy Clinic Johnston --- East Side of Bldg5615 N W 86th Street7       10:00AM
LamoniSouthern Iowa Pacific Group --- Community Center108 S Locust7    7:30PM   
LeonLeon Group --- Leon Community Ctr203 N E 2nd St7       2:00PM
MonroeMonroe Honesty Hour Group --- IMT Insurance Building102 S. Jasper Street7   7:30AM    
NewtonNewton Group --- St. Stephens Episcopal Church223 E 4th St N7  12:00PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 8:00PM 12:00PM 5:30PM 7:00PM 12:00PM 10:00AM
NorwalkPromising Beginnings Group --- Register Building7400 S W Register Drive7    6:30PM   
OsceolaA.A. Group --- V.F.W. HallW. Jeffersons7     6:00PM  
OsceolaSun. Night A A Group --- Clark County Hospital800 S Fillmore St7 7:00PM      
PerryThe Camel Shop Group --- Methodist Church Annex --- Every Friday is Cake & Fellowship Speaker1114 3rd Street7 8:00PM   8:00PM  8:00PM 8:00PM
Pleasant HillAnything Goes Group --- Okoboji Grill1225 Copper Creek Dr7   5:30PM    
Pleasant HillTurn The Page Group --- Woodland Hills Church Of Christ2484 S E 68th Street7   7:00PM    
Polk CityLakeside Group --- Polk City United Methodist Church1421 West Broadway7     7:30PM  
Prairie CityPrairie City Camel Group --- Masonic Hall Basement407 2nd Street7    8:00PM   
UrbandaleGrupo Un Nuevo Despertar --- Oficina3650 68thn Street, Suite C7 8:00PM 8:00PM   8:00PM 8:00PM 
UrbandaleMonday Big Book Study Group --- Covenant Christian Church2700 72nd St7  7:00PM     
UrbandaleStep Study Group --- Walnut Hills United Methodist Church12321 Hickman Rd7  7:00PM     
UrbandaleSubtle Foes Group --- St. Stephen Lutheran Church3510 72nd St7     6:30PM  
UrbandaleUrbandale Group --- Church Of Christ70th & Oliver Smith Drive7    7:30PM   
West Des MoinesChapter 12 Group --- St. Mark Discipleship Center1105 Grand7      7:00PM 
West Des MoinesEye Openers Group --- Bridges Of Iowa 1211 Vine Street, Bldg 10007     6:30AM  
West Des MoinesFreedom Hall Group --- Lutheran Church of Hope925 Jordan Creek Parkway, 74th & Ashworth7       9:00AM
West Des MoinesFriday Night Solutions Group --- Mercy Franklin Center48th & Franklin7      7:00PM 
West Des MoinesFunction At The Junction Group --- West Des Moines Community Center217 5th Street7   6:00PM    
West Des MoinesGrand Journey Group --- St Agustines Church42nd & Grand7 1:30PM      
West Des MoinesHow It Works Group --- Methodist West Hospital --- Conference Room 3-41660 60th Street7      6:00PM 
West Des MoinesNew Beginning Group --- Covenant Presbyterian Church28th & Ashworth Road7 7:00PM      
West Des MoinesNew Hope Group --- Lutheran Church Of Hope Rm #102 --- East Door74th & Ashworth7 5:00PM      
West Des MoinesPrimary Purpose Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University Ave7   7:30PM    
West Des MoinesStart Your Day With A.A. Group --- Hy-Vee Grocery Store1990 Grand Ave #2, (Grand and Railroad)7   6:30AM    
West Des MoinesThere Is A Solution Group --- WDM United Methodist Church720 Grand Avenue7  6:00PM     
West Des MoinesUnity Services Group --- No Meeting Place Furnished1211 Vine St7 6:00PM      
West Des MoinesW.P.R. Group --- Covenant Presbyterian Church1025 28th & Ashworth Road7      7:30PM 
West Des MoinesWest Des Moines Group --- St. Marks Lutheran Church1115 Grand Avenue, 12 & Grand7   8:00PM    
Windsor HeightsBig Book Babes Group --- Windsor Presbyterian Church6301 University Avenue7       9:30AM
Windsor HeightsGrapeviners Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University Avenue7    12:00PM   
Windsor HeightsMiracles On 63rd St. Group --- Windsor United Methodist6222 University Ave7       7:00PM
Windsor HeightsMon Hope & Reflections Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University7  12:00PM     
Windsor HeightsT.G.I.S. Step Study Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 University Avenue7      12:00PM 
Windsor HeightsTwo Rivers Recovery Group --- Windsor United Methodist Church6222 Univesity, 63rd & University7 7:00PM