ALL MEETINGS ORDERED BY CITY  By District:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] 

CityLocationAddressDistrict Sunday MondayTuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
MovilleMoville Tuesday Night Group: Trinity Lutheran Church323 S 4th Street1   7:00PM    
Sergeant BluffSergeant Bluff Group: United Methodist Church1st & Baker St1  7:30PM     
Sioux City12 Steps & 12 Traditions Discussion Group: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1      6:30PM 
Sioux City21 Club Non-Smoking Group: First United Methodist Church1915 Nebraska St1     6:00PM  
Sioux City6:00 PM Speaker Tape Group: Fellowship Club1403 Summit1    6:00PM   
Sioux CityBetween The Covers YPAA Group: No Meeting Place Furnished2122 Jones Street1   7:00PM    
Sioux CityBig Book Buddies Study Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1   10:00AM    
Sioux CityBooks & Beans Group: Palmer House Motel Meeting Rm3440 Gordon Dr1     6:30PM  
Sioux CityBooks And Cookies Group: Morningside Presbyterian Church4327 Morningside Ave1 8:00AM      
Sioux CityBy The Book Group: Club 2152432 Jay Ave1       8:30AM
Sioux City Check Your Ego At The Door Group: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1     7:00PM  
Sioux CityCheyenne Non Smoking Group: 1st Lutheran Church3939 Cheyenne Blvd1      7:00PM 
Sioux City Drunks Helping Drunks Group: Riverside Lutheran Church 1817 Riverside Blvd 1     7:00PM(C)  
Sioux CityEmotional Sobriety Group: Fellowship Club1403 Summit1  8:00PM     
Sioux CityFaith Without Works 12x12 Group: Fellowship Club1403 Summit St1 7:00PM      
Sioux CityFri. 5:30 PM Non-Smokers Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones Street1      5:30PM 
Sioux CityFriday 10 A.M. Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1  10:00AM  10:00AM  10:00AM 
Sioux CityGlenn Avenue Group: St. Mark Lutheran Church5200 Glenn Ave1  7:30PM     
Sioux cityGrupo Un Nuevo Camino: Sotano1123 Nebraska St1 11:00PM    6:30PM 6:30PM 11:00PM
Sioux CityGrupo Unidos En Sobriedad: No Meeting Place Furnished2120 Court Street1 10:00AM 7:00PM  7:00PM  7:00PM 7:00PM
Sioux CityHawkeye 3 & 11 Group: Boys & Girls Home & Family Service2101 Court St Lower Level1 9:00AM      
Sioux CityHow & Why of It 12 X 12 Study Group: Hawkeye Club320 Jones St1     10:00AM  
Sioux CityLeeds Sun Night Spiritual Grp: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1 7:30PM      
Sioux CityLeeds Tuesday Open Group: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1   8:00PM(O)    
Sioux CityLeeds Wednesday Brown Bag Grp: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1    12:00PM(O)   
Sioux CityLiving In The Solution Group: 1st Lutheran Church (Fireside Room)3939 Cheyenne Blvd1       7:00PM
Sioux CityLiving Sober Group: Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1    7:30PM   
Sioux CityMany Hands Caring Group: Mercy Medical Center801 5th St.1    11:30AM   
Sioux CityMarble Group: Riverside Lutheran Church1817 Riverside Blvd1 6:00PM      
Sioux CityMorningside Fellowship Group: Morningside Presbyterian Church4327 Morningside Ave1      8:00PM(C) 
Sioux CityNo Matter What Group: Hawkeye Club2420 Jones St1     8:30PM  
Sioux CityNo Name Group: Mayflower Congregational Church1407 West 18th Street1       8:00PM
Sioux CityOne A Day Group: Club 2152432 Jay Ave1  10:30AM 10:30AM 10:30AM 10:30AM 10:30AM 
Sioux CityOpen Topic Women Group: Club 2152432 Jay Ave1  3:30PM     
Sioux CityPink Cloud Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St.1 5:00PM(O)      
Sioux CityRoom 106 Big Book Group: Holy Spirit Retirement Home 1701 West 25th St.1  6:00PM   10:00AM  
Sioux CitySaturday Long Timer Speaker Gp: Fellowship Club1403 Summit St1       8:30PM
Sioux CitySaturday Morning 12&12 Group: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1       10:30AM
Sioux CitySecond Chance Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1       1:00PM
Sioux CitySioux City Tri State Roundup Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St.1  7:00PM(MEETS ONLY ON 2ND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH)     
Sioux CitySomeone Cares Group: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1 9:30AM      
Sioux CitySpiritual Steps 3 & 11 Sunday Meeting Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones Street1 9:00AM      
Sioux CitySteel Magnolias Group: Morningside Presbyterian Church4327 Morningside Avenue1 7:00PM      
Sioux CityStockyards Exchange Group: Trinity Lutheran Church1122 Jackson St1     8:00PM  
Sioux CitySunday 10:30 A.M. Spiritual Grp: Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1 10:30AM      
Sioux CitySunday 3 & 11 Group: St. Lukes Hospital Room 12720 Park Blvd1 9:00AM      
Sioux CitySunday Morning Spiritual Group: Club 2152432 Jay Ave1 10:30AM      
Sioux CitySunday Night Big Book Study Gp: Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1 8:30PM      
Sioux CitySunrise Attitude Adjustment Gp: Church of Christ/Tues and Thurs Hawkeye 2111 W 6th St1  6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM 6:30AM
Sioux CitySweets & Treats Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1       8:00PM
Sioux CityThere Is A Solution Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1   8:00PM    
Sioux CityTuesday 12X12 Group: Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1   8:30PM    
Sioux CityTuesday Night Early Bird Group: St. Boniface ChurchWest 5th & Omaha1   7:00PM    
Sioux CityVast Amount Of Fun Group: Club 2152432 Jay Ave1       10:30AM
Sioux CityWe Can Group: Leeds Alano Club4034 Floyd Blvd1  8:00PM     
Sioux CityWed Big Book Study Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones St1    5:30PM   
Sioux CityWestlawn Group: Westlawn Church2521 West 4th Street1    8:00PM   
Sioux CityWhere It All Begins Group: Club 2152432 Jay Ave1    8:00PM   
Sioux CityWhere You're At Group: Morningside Presbyterian Church3700 28th St. #3641  7:30PM     
Sioux CityYoung Persons In AA (YPAA) Group: Hawkeye Club420 Jones Street1      7:00PM 
Sjioux CityNew Freedom Group: Fellowship Club1403 Summit Street1      7:00PM